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Reputed Power Tools Manufacturer and Supplier in China

The right job needs the right tool, and at Mandarin Industry, you’ll find a wide range of power drills, angle grinders, heat gun, cordless drill, soldering iron, glue gun, paint sprayer, as well as lawn care and garden tools to choose from. Since 2000, we have been manufacturing high quality power tools to supply to professional construction industries as well as a hobbyists working on their latest DIY house project. With our OEM and ODM services, you can stock up on exactly what you need to tackle any project coming your way. >> More

    1. Impact Drill

      Mandarin Industry’s impact drill, also known as a hammer drill, is used for drilling holes into wood, steel and concrete. It differs from an ordinary power drill by using a hammer-like mechanism that delivers an extra force to the drill bit, hammering it further into materials.

    1. Angle Grinder

      Carpenters, masons and welders everywhere agree that an angle grinder is a necessary part of any tool kit for their industries. When fitted with a circular saw blade, the angle grinder can be used as a handheld circular saw to cut wood and carry out other light-duty woodworking tasks.

    1. Jigsaw

      The jigsaw is an ideal plate cutter for cutting curved and straight lines onto various panels and boards. The resulting design takes on a variety of geometric shapes, and it is available with a small curvature radius.

    1. Heat Gun

      A heat gun is a commonly used handheld power tool that uses heating wires to produce heat and then gives it off in the form of hot air. Thus, it is also called hot air gun.

    1. Rotary Hammer

      The MPT series rotary hammer features vibration control for reduced vibration and fatigue felt by operators. Is soft rubber handle is designed to provide a comfortable grip. Turn the switch slightly to the slow speed position, and the rotary power drill will start smoothly.

    1. Cordless Drill

      Our cordless drills are powered using a battery pack. When compared to corded power drills, the cordless power tool is easier to use. Depending on the power requirements of your project, users can choose a cordless drill with either 1 or 2 battery packs.

    1. Soldering Iron

      Both the durable heater core and the aluminum alloy soldering tip for the soldering iron are easy to replace, resistant to burning and ensure the safety of the operators as well as featuring a long service life. A thin walled stainless steel tube is also designed to quickly dissipate heat.

    1. Glue Gun

      Because it is easy to use and has a visually appealing appearance, this hot glue gun is a popular handheld power tool for DIY repair enthusiasts. Just plug it in or recharge the battery, wait 3 minutes for the glue to be heated and then use it for your project needs.

    1. Solenoid Paint Sprayer

      Its name comes from the internal coil (solenoid) and metal core which form a strong electric magnet that drives the piston pump via the armature to either draw the paint up from a tank or push the paint into the nozzle.

  • Service
  • At Mandarin Industry, we carry out close inspection and testing processes on each of our power tools and garden machinery before they are relinquished to the customer. Our quality management department maintains a strict control over all manufacturing processes. Each of our technicians is ready and willing to provide you with a fully comprehensive range of maintenance and repair services.
    Free repair is carried out in accordance with the 6 warranty provisions and exclusions as stated below. To determine this, our after-sales service center will confirm that the defective product is due to material or manufacturing faults within the warranty period.

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